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World Stories is a growing collection of stories from around the world. The collection includes retold traditional tales and new short stories in the languages most spoken by UK children. 

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Selected Stories

The Princess and the Golden Ball

The Princess and the Golden Ball

Language: English/Arabic  Origin: Iraq

Once there was a beautiful princess who lived with her father in a huge palace. Although the princess was very beautiful she was also very selfish and conceited...

Enjoy this story in: English Arabic

The Fool and the Donkey

The Fool and the Donkey

Language: English/Persian  Origin: Iran

One morning, the fool woke up and he thought, ‘There is one thing I need, I need a donkey...’

Enjoy this story in: English Persian

The Fern Flower

The Fern Flower

Language: English/Polish  Origin: Poland

St John’s night is the shortest night of the year. It is on this night that the legendary Fern Flower blooms somewhere in the forest...

Enjoy this story in: English Polish

Turtle and Monkey

Turtle and Monkey

Language: English/Filipino  Origin: Philippines

Monkey stood at the edge of the river and watched Turtle swimming against the torrent with a tree that he had caught in the flood: a young tree...

Enjoy this story in: English Filipino

The Well

The Well

Language: English/Somali  Origin: Somalia

A long time ago, there were four families who lived in a small village in Somalia. The first family would argue all of the time, the second family were very greedy...

Enjoy this story in: English Somali