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Category: Your Art

Arya Dashi – The Princess and the Pea

We have received this lovely picture from a 6 year old called Arya Dassi from Watford.  Thanks so much Arya – hope you are enjoying the stories!

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Mansha Sahay – Jack and the Beanstalk

  Another lovely picture from Mansha who has also written a story for us with her grandma in India…

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Mansha Sahay – Home

Thanks Mansha for your lovely illustration for the Tamil story Home!  Mansha’s mum tells us that the story reminds Mansha of her time living in India.  Read the story here

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Become a World Stories Artist

Send us your pictures of one of the stories in our collection and we will put them onto our website for the whole world to see!

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Stories inspire art at Exeter City Library

See some of the picures that the children who attended the World Stories event in Exeter drew.

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