How do you all like World Stories?

We recently asked children to tell us what they thought about World Stories.  Here are some of the nice things that they told us!

“brilliant”   “wow”   “really good to do”   “helps me describe stories”   “fun to read” 
“I would not think of things like this”   “teaches me stories from other cultures”   “amazing”   “cool”  “exciting”   “love hearing them”   “giths me imaginashon”   “makes me want to tell my friends”   “helps my imagines”   “helped me with writing stories”    “makes me love listening”   “other countrys beliefs are exciting”    “want to read more stories”   “inspires in my library”   “it improve in my imagenicien”   “makes me picture the stories in my head”   
“helps to write stories”    “wants me to read more stories”    “my imagination grows bigger through the story”   “real pictures in my head”   “incourages me to listen to more stories”  “makes me feel loaded with stories”   “makes me feel like I’m in the stories”  “makes me want to read more”  “it helps me learn”  

Children and young people aged 7-18


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