Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A traditional French Story retold by Marie-Chantal

Once upon a time there was a young girl with beautiful, curly blonde hair who lived with her mother and father in a little house on the edge of the woods.

One morning, Goldilocks awoke to the sun streaming through her window.  Seeing that it was such a lovely day, she leapt out of bed and ran downstairs to see her mother.

‘It is very early,’ said her mother. ‘Why don’t you go out for a walk and pick some blackberries to make a tart for dinner tonight.’

So Goldilocks went skipping into the woods with her basket for collecting blackberries. ‘It really is a beautiful day,’ thought Goldilocks, singing songs to herself and wondering further and further into the woods.

After a while she began to feel hungry and a little bit tired.  Then, on the other side of a clearing in the woods, she noticed a little cottage.  Goldilocks approached the cottage and knocked on the door, but there was no reply.  She gave the door a gentle push and, to her surprise, it opened.

‘Hello,’ called out Goldilocks.  But there was no reply from inside the cottage.

The door led into a cosy kitchen, and on the table Goldilocks could see three bowls of hot chocolate, each with its own spoon. The chocolate smelled delicious and made Goldilocks very hungry.  She called out again but still there was no reply.  The little girl hesitated for just a moment but could not resist walking inside.

Once inside she noticed that the three bowls were all different sizes.  There was a big bowl, a medium sized bowl, and a little bowl.

Goldilocks picked up the big spoon first.  She dipped the spoon into the big bowl and tried the hot chocolate. ‘Ouch!’ exclaimed Goldilocks, for the chocolate was very, very hot and burnt her lips.

Next, Goldilocks moved around the table towards the medium sized bowl.  She picked up the spoon and dipped it into the chocolate. ‘Oooh,’ said Goldilocks, ‘this one is still too hot.’

Then Goldilocks moved around the table to the smallest bowl.  She picked up the little spoon, dipped it into the hot chocolate, and put the spoon to her lips.  ‘It is perfect,’ she thought, so she picked up the bowl of hot chocolate and drank it all up.

Suddenly Goldilocks felt very tired.  She looked around the kitchen and noticed that there were three chairs. There was a big chair, a medium sized chair, and a little chair.

The young girl tried the big chair first, but it was far too hard and she could not get comfortable.  Next, Goldilocks tried the medium sized chair, but she found that it was far too soft and again she could not get comfortable.  So Goldilocks tried the smallest chair.

The smallest chair was very comfortable even though it was a little bit too small for the young girl.  There was a creaking and cracking sound from the small chair which broke into little pieces sending Goldilocks to the floor with a crash!

Young Goldilocks was still very tired after her breakfast so she decided to go upstairs to find somewhere to lie down.

Upstairs she found three bedrooms; inside each bedroom she found a bed, each one a different size.  There was a big bed, a middle sized bed, and a little bed. Goldilocks tried to climb up into the big bed, but it was much too high.  Then she tried to climb into the middle sized bed, but this was also too high for the young girl to climb into.

Last of all, Goldilocks approached the little bed. This bed was not too high at all.  It was just right; so the young girl climbed straight in, pulled the blankets around her, and fell fast asleep.

Shortly after Goldilocks had fallen asleep, the owners of the cottage returned home. There was Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, and  Baby Bear. The family of bears had been out for a walk in the woods while their hot chocolate was cooling on the kitchen table and they were very hungry indeed.

‘What’s this?’ said Daddy Bear, in his deep voice. ‘It looks as though somebody has been messing with my bowl!’

‘Somebody has been messing with my bowl, too,’ said Mummy Bear.’

Then Baby Bear began to cry. ‘Somebody has been messing with my bowl, and they’ve drunk all my hot chocolate and now there is none left for me!’

Daddy Bear looked around the kitchen and said in his deep voice, ‘Somebody has been sitting in my chair!’

Mummy Bear said, ‘Somebody has been sitting in my chair!’

Then Baby Bear said, ‘Somebody has been sitting in my chair and they have broken it!’

‘Who could have done such a thing,’ they wondered.  Then the three bears decided to look upstairs.

‘Well,’ said Daddy Bear in his big voice, ‘somebody has tried to climb into my bed, but they are not here now.’

‘And somebody has tried to climb into my bed, too,’ said Mummy Bear.

Then Baby Bear cried out, ‘Daddy, Mummy, somebody did climb into my bed and they are still here now!’

Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear raced into Baby Bear’s room and there they saw young Goldilocks asleep in Baby Bear’s bed.

Found in bedGoldilocks awoke with a start to find the three bears standing over her.  She was very scared because she thought that the bears would be cross.

Without hesitating, Goldilocks scrambled from the bed and jumped out of the window.  Then she ran into the woods towards her home.

The young girl did not know it, but the bears who lived in the little house in the woods were very gentle and friendly bears who would not have hurt Goldilocks no matter what.