Li and Gao

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Li and Gao

A Chinese folk tale told by David Heathfield

Listen to this story read by the storyteller David Heathfield

Li was a foolish neighbour. But one day, in the gambling house, Li won three hundred yuan. ‘Ohhh, what shall I do with my yuan? Where shall I hide them? Where shall I store them…? Ah, a good idea. I will store them in the ground.’

Li and GaoLi dug a hole and put the three hundred yuan into the hole. He covered the hole and then got a scrap of paper. He wrote on that scrap of paper and stuck it onto the ground.

It read… ‘three hundred yuan are not buried here.’

He had a jealous neighbour called Gao.

Gao knew that Li had won three hundred yuan and was full of jealousy. He looked for where Li might have hidden them, and then he found that scrap of paper.

Li and GaoHe dug up the three hundred yuan. He covered the hole. Then he found another scrap of paper and wrote on it and pressed it onto the ground.

On it was written the words… ‘Gao did not steal three hundred yuan.’