The Four Fox Cubs

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The Four Fox Cubs

A Punjabi Story by Mohindro Ram Thaper & Kamleish Ram Parfect

There was once a family of foxes who lived in the woods. There was a mother fox, a father fox, and four baby fox cubs. The cubs were named Arjan, Surjan, Ganji, and Bulbul.
One day, the daddy fox said to his four cubs, ‘I must go out to work and I may be gone for many days. You must promise me that you will be good and do what your mother tells you while I am gone.’
The fox cubs all agreed to do as their mother instructed. And when it was time for their father to leave, the cubs all gathered at the door and waved goodbye and wished him luck on his journey.
Several days passed in which the cubs played and did their chores and behaved as their father had