World Stories Continues To Grow

The World Stories project is continuing to have huge success with more than 2000 teachers and 260 parents registered to use the World Stories website.  The website now has over 100 great stories to help children struggling with literacy and has been receiving fantastic feedback from its users.  Here is a wonderful  email that we recently received from Wagner, a teacher from Brazil, telling us how much he loves World Stories and is hoping that it will help him improve his English. He has offered to help us and we would welcome help from others who would like to write stories, illustrate, translate or record them for us so do get in touch if you would like to be part of this amazing project! 


My name is Wagner Costa.  I live and work in São Paulo city, Brazil as Specialist in Educational Technology in the Beit Yaacov School. We are one three language school where the kids can learn English, Hebrew and of course Portuguese. My English director show us your web site and I loved all that I´ve founded!!! Your work is fantastic!

Actually I´m learning English too, so, I´m sorry for my English. I know that he´s not good, but I would like say you that I´m using your project to improve my language too.

The first and principal reason that I´m sending this email, is to try contribute with my Portuguese audio reading. If you need a Portuguese voice to read and record your texts, I´M HERE !

The second reason is that I wish to do some project using your site with our students and send you the result to post in the website. One more time, forgive my bad English. I hope that you can understand me.

And, one more thing:


I hope that one day I can be part of all that!

Hugs, Wagner Costa

São Paulo City – Brazil