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The Three Butterflies Nahal Namvari    
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The Three Butterflies

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The Three Butterflies

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Once upon a time, there were three beautiful butterflies. The three were different colours. One was red, one was yellow, and one was white.

The butterflies were best friends. One day they were flying around a park. There were flowers all around them.

Dark clouds rolled in the sky above. The butterflies knew it would rain soon. They started to look for a place to stay dry inside the flowers.

There was a pretty white lily growing by itself. The butterflies flew towards it.

“May we shelter from the rain under your petals?”

“Only you, white butterfly,” said the lily. “You are the same colour as my petals!”

The butterflies fluttered to a tulip instead. It was bigger than the lily.

“Excuse me, tulip, may we shelter under your petals?” asked the yellow butterfly.

“You can, yellow butterfly. Your red friend can come in too! As you can see, my petals are yellow and red. The white butterfly can't come in. He doesn’t match my petals!”

“All three of us, or none of us!” cried the butterflies.

The sun blinked through the dark clouds. On seeing how close the three butterflies were, the shining sun drove the rain away. 

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