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The Monkey King and the Ghost Pooja Sharma    
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The Monkey King and the Ghost

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In a dense jungle lived a gang of monkeys. The king of the monkeys was very wise. One day he called his gang together.

‘My beloved monkeys we are fortunate to live in this beautiful forest but beware! The trees and plants may be green and lush, but they contain many poisonous fruits. The ponds may be clear, sparkling water but a ghost lives in one of them. So, do not eat or drink anything without asking me first!’

The next day one of the monkeys felt thirsty. He remembered what the king had said and went to speak to him.

‘Don’t worry child!’ the king exclaimed. ‘I shall investigate the pond to check it is safe.’

As he approached the pond he noticed large footsteps going in but not coming out. The king concluded this is where the ghost was hiding. All the monkeys cried, worried about how they would drink water. The king reassured them and went to confront the ghost.

The ghost laughed, ‘You are in a big dilemma, monkey king! If your monkeys come in the pond I will eat them. If they do not they will die of thirst!’

The king thought, ‘I must find a solution.’

He asked his monkeys to collect pieces of bamboo. Joining the hollow bamboo sticks together, he made a large pipe that sucked water out of the pond. The monkeys were able to drink to their heart’s desire.

‘All hail the monkey king!’ chanted the monkeys.

The ghost who had been outwitted by the monkey king sulked back into the pond with a long face!

Never give up when things seem difficult, be patient and smart like the monkey king!

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