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Carmen, The Farmer Antonio Barroso    
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Carmen, The Farmer

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Carmen, The Farmer











Carmen was a ten-year-old girl who lived in a tiny village in the north of Spain.

Her parents had a farm with cows that made good milk. Sometimes the cows made so much milk that the family could not drink it all.

Then they would give it away to their neighbours, especially to those who needed it most.

One day, Carmen was told by her father to take some milk to Mrs Julia. Mrs Julia was a sweet old lady who lived alone on the other side of the village.

On her way, Carmen started to think about selling the milk to get some money to buy eggs.

From those eggs, she could get chicks that would soon grow and make more eggs.

She would then sell eggs until she had enough money to buy some calves and lambs.

In a couple of years, Carmen would be able to have a farm of her own.

Then she would have enough money to buy a house in Madrid and lots of fancy clothes.

Carmen was so busy thinking that she did not see a big stone in her path. She tripped over it. The milk spilt all over the dusty ground.

In a second, all Carmen’s dreams of becoming a farmer faded away. She did not have any milk to sell. She would not have the money to buy eggs that would hatch into chicks. Her plans were spoiled.

Carmen felt sorry for herself. She began to cry.

On her way back home, Carmen thought that she should have looked out for stones on the ground. She should not have been so busy thinking about her plans.

Carmen learned that the most important thing we can do to reach our goals is to overcome the things we find in our way.

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