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The Fox and the Stork Mary Smith    
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The Fox and the Stork

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The Fox and the Stork









The fox and the stork lived in a wood.

One day, the fox invited the stork to come for a meal.

‘Mrs Stork, come tomorrow at twelve o’clock,’ he said.

The stork was delighted and the next day she went to the fox’s den.

The fox served a delicious stew. He served it on a flat plate.

‘How nice that smells!’ said the stork.

The stork tried to eat but there was a problem. The stork’s long beak could not pick up even the tiniest bite. The plate was too flat.

‘Oh! What a shame!’ cried the fox. ‘I’ll need to finish your meal for you.’

The fox ate all the stew.

The stork went home. She was hungry.

‘Hmm,’ she thought. ‘The fox is a rascal. What can I do to teach him a lesson?’

She thought a little bit longer. ‘Aha!’ she cried. ‘I have an idea.’

She turned back and invited the fox to come and eat at her house.

‘Come tomorrow at midday, Mr Fox,’ she said.

Then she went home to prepare a delicious soup.

The fox was delighted. He arrived at the stork’s home at twelve o’clock the next day.

The soup was served in a vase with a long straight neck. The fox could not lap up the soup and he was very hungry.

‘Oh! What a shame!’ the stork cried. ‘I’ll need to finish your meal for you.’

The stork poked her long beak down into the vase and she drank all the soup.

‘Tit for tat!’ cried the stork.

The fox went home with his tail between his legs.

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